How we work.

Using methods from a diversity of fields, and dancing within the generative practices of design and evaluation, we customize a process that best suits each project. Sometimes our work is mainly to ask good questions and shape ideas, sometimes we tend more toward making and visualizing. This process of thinking and making is always in service to lifting up people’s whole capacity and brightness.

Our approach.

While we value the many things that give life color, shape and meaning—such as beauty, joy, connection, delight, paradox, quirk, justice, faith, and making a difference—we practice from seven perspectives that influence each and every interaction.

CAPACITY: Each person has the power to do, experience and understand their world, acting as experts in their own life. They are full of capacity to be used and agency to act

ABUNDANCE: This world we live in is not a place of scarcity, but of abundance. There are limitless possibilities for solutions, innovation, collaboration and general do-gooding.

DIGNITY: Every single person is worthy, no exceptions. Each interaction is an opportunity to uphold the dignity of another.

CURIOSITY: An open, non-judgmental mindset that seeks and asks questions gives infinite opportunities for learning, relationships and a willingness to grow and be changed.

CO-CREATION: Data and information does not inherently hold meaning, it is only through social interactions and narrative construction that we do sense-making.

CONNECTION: Our connections—to each other, to the land, to ideas—ground us, creating a safe foundation in which we can bend and grow. These connections extend before us, with a rich mosaic and ancestry of wisdom, and they extend ahead of us in ways we have yet to know.

TRAUMA-SENSITIVE: We are committed to creating a sense of safety in our interactions. Recognizing that many of us come to our work and into this world with tender hearts, we aim to do no harm, and commit to repairing and restoring connection when it is ruptured.

Sparks, thinking, ideas.

We are continually expanding and deepening our thinking, writing about what inspires us, challenges us, and how we are continually learning.

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