Artwork to uplift us

We place a high value on beauty within our company, Picture Impact. Visual communication is a core component of our brand and core to the utility of our work. 

In the coming months, Picture Impact’s co-founders are beginning a new online publication, and will be writing, reflecting, and teaching more (and more and more). We will be making use of medium, instagram, and our own website as platforms for publication; we know the importance of having unique, thoughtful, and beautiful visuals to accompany our good thinking. We want our writing to be wrapped in the beauty that we value.

We are seeking designers, artists and various visual thinkers/makers interested curating/creating visuals for our writing in collaboration with us. We are aiming to build a roster and are looking for people interested in our company’s mission to create media for 1-4 posts per month, supporting specific written content. We will provide general creative direction while welcoming a high degree of creative freedom. We anticipate retaining a variety of visual artists; illustration, photography, mixed media, collage, etc. 

We invite you to send us an email with a sample portfolio of 5 recent pieces and the context in which they were created.

Anna & Katrina

If you find it more convenient, feel free to use this form to get in touch.