This toolkit is a set of resources and tools for delivery of case management for OVC programming in low-literacy settings. This toolkit is based on and simplifies delivery of HIV-Sensitive Case Management for OVCs while maintaining the integrity of the Standard Operating Procedures that were developed in partnership by USAID, PEPFAR and 4Children. The toolkit was developed by Picture Impact in collaboration with 4Children and is intended to assist you, as the program manager, budget for the printing, distribution, and training on the complete toolkit for case management.

The toolkit is designed as a comprehensive and complete package. While each tool is useful in and of itself, the tools have been specifically designed to be used together. We highly recommend that OVC programs integrate the entire toolkit into the training and implementation of case management procedures for optimal results. Failure to integrate the entire package may affect the integrity of the tools.

Before beginning, it is important to consider customization of the toolkit to the country and implementing partner contexts. Customization, validation, and training will help to preserve the integrity of the suite of tools and ensure the tools are in line with national and programmatic guidelines.

For design files or high-resolution printer files of these tools please send us an email.

A case management toolkit for complex behavior change challenges in lower literacy contexts

Increasingly, organizations tackling complex behavior change challenges—such as managing HIV/AIDS—are turning to individual or household case management as a core program delivery mechanism. This, essentially, tailors program services and supports to the unique needs of program users and allows for a response in real time as circumstances evolve at the individual, household, community, program and donor levels.