Anna delights in people, the world, and connection. She sees and is energized by complexity, enjoying the paradoxes of front-line relationships and big systems functioning.

Anna specializes in systems analysis and change processes. Her experience as a front-line social worker informs her work making her particularly sensitive to power dynamics and equity. Evaluation and design processes are her preferred disciplines for influencing change. Her strength lies in her strategic design capacity, pattern-finding and analysis super power, and group facilitation skills. Anna highly values utility, prioritizing practical and user-centered approaches to solicit meaningful action and change.

Anna holds a Master in Social Work from the University of Minnesota, with specializations in Community Advocacy & Organizing and International Development, and a Bachelors of Social Work from Saint Olaf College.

Inspired by: great evaluation thinkers such as Michael Quinn Patton, Donna Mertens and Jean King, an elegantly crafted game, data beautifully displayed, small group discussions that are vulnerable, real and wide-ranging

Refreshed by: sinking into a great novel, going to a great jazz show, playing ridiculously complicated board games with friends, and spending time outdoors experiencing the natural beauty of her home state.

You can rely on Anna to: produce excellent structured work, ask a litany of questions, bring yummy treats prepared by her husband, and light up any room with her smile.