Cassie is a student of languages, constantly paying attention to word choice, context, and the worlds we build through the words we choose.

With seven years of proposal and grant-writing experience, Cassie thinks of her work as one of translation – ensuring that the heart of work remains intact while using a mutually understood, accessible, and reflective language. She has experience developing and managing projects for organizations in the U.S. & India and working globally and relies on her project management experience to craft realistic and achievable proposals. She delights at finding the perfect word and cutting through the noise (and word count) to say what needs to be said.

Cassie has a Bachelor of Science in International Relations and Diplomacy with a concentration in Economics from Seton Hall University. She was a 2013-2014 American India Foundation William J. Clinton Fellow and a 2019 Coaching Fellowship Fellow. She speaks English and conversational Hindi and can often be found dabbling in Duolingo in Spanish and Gaelic.

Inspired by: Audre Lorde, Arundhati Roy, Roxane Gay, Mary Oliver, Adrienne Maree Brown, and the incredible feminists, social justice activists, and organizers she gets to work with every single day. The complexity and non-linear nature of social change and plants’ ability to seek life (and light).

Refreshed by: a new recipe, a food she’s never tasted, her community, poetry, vast expanses of nature, and movement (dancing, traveling, kickboxing, bodyboarding, and yoga, to name a few).

You can rely on Cassie to: keep us to word count, read between the lines, have something on the stove, and for a customized podcast, poetry, or book recommendations.