Jennifer approaches problems and projects as a quick and fastidious learner. She will jump into new contexts astutely, scanning and making sense of information while planning ahead at how to fill gaps in knowledge.

A skilled mixed-methods analyst, Jennifer loves a good research project. Diving into data, literature reviews, and report writing are all squarely in her wheelhouse. She is well versed in evaluative thinking and evaluation approaches, having contributed to both local and international evaluation teams. Jennifer draws on over eight years of experience in adult basic education as she simplifies messages and focuses on utility to communicate findings and incite change. A sense of optimism and purpose drives her work, along with a very high standard for treating people and resources responsibly, with sincerity and respect.

Jennifer holds a Master in International Development Practice from the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota with a certificate in Nonprofit Management and a minor in Program Evaluation. Her Bachelor of Arts degree is in Government from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Inspired by: Seeing growth happen in real time- whether it be in an individual, a group, or a garden. Collective action. Critical thinking. A new idea that frees us from the bounds of what’s been done before. Learning through dialogue.

Refreshed by: A long run, a long nap, crossword puzzles, tasty snacks.
You can rely on Jennifer to: Write concisely, triangulate findings, untangle vast amounts of data into meaningful tools and stories, look at everything through a sustainability lens, re-read emails at least twice before sending.