Lily is a designer and illustrator who is continually curious and excited to learn and explore. 

A maker at heart Lily is constantly creating. Whether she is illustrating, woodworking, writing, sketching or designing, Lily dives into each project with joy and excitement and usually quite a bit of research. Lily is interested in looking at problems from different angles and asking how things can be made in a way that is more accessible and sustainable. Lily enjoys the complexity of design, and the many ways it can be used to help people communicate complex ideas in approachable ways. 

Lily holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in illustration from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with minors in creative writing and art history, as well as an Associate of Fine Arts Degree from Normandale Community College. 

Inspired by: People’s stories and histories, beautifully illustrated books, a well written research paper, problem solving with design, deep discussions, and learning and experiencing new things. 

Refreshed by: walks in nature with friends, mountain biking through the woods, sketching in the sunshine, taking care of her many plants, and a really good cup of tea. 

You can rely on Lily to: make well thought out and creative designs, do indepth research, as well as to listen and be willing to ask questions in order to grow a deeper understanding, and find creative solutions to problems.