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Picture Impact is a collaboration between evaluators, designers and strategists. We are a small, nimble, women-owned company with a global network of partners whom we draw on to build the right team for each project. Our approach is complexity-aware, people-centered and utilization-focused. We look at people and behavior, think in systems, and find ideas and perspectives across silos and sectors. We apply this approach in a diverse array of contexts, subjects, and purposes.

We are Minneapolis-based, working globally, most often with projects and teams in sub-Saharan Africa. Picture Impact’s portfolio is wide-ranging in subject matter—from HIV/OVC case management, to smallholder agriculture, to highlighting and scaling program innovations, to supporting child and maternal health. What ties this work together is how we intentionally activate and support the change process while enhancing the capacity of program users and implementers.

Current openings

A lot of new energy and many new projects are emerging as we deepen and shape the practices of Picture Impact. We are excited and we are now in need of like-minded, beautiful humans to join us on this adventure.

Take a look at the roles we are seeking to fill and do match-making. Could it be you? Someone you know?

We are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (CST) and happy to have someone join us periodically in our near-downtown office. However, this position need not be co-located with us. We encourage anyone within UTC +3 to -7 time zones to apply.

Strategic Writer for Design and Evaluation (growth position)

There is a world of work to be done, help us put our expertise to use! We often find new projects through an open-bid process, responding to Requests for Proposals from a variety of actors, mostly international non-profit and non-government organizations. Developing a proposal includes reading between the lines of an RfP to discern what a client truly needs, matching opportunities that fit with our experience and business interests, and helping to develop and write a compelling plan for carrying out the work while describing our unique approach. We are in need of a proposal writer to craft both project plans and language, turning possibilities of what we could do into a comprehensive bid for contract-based work.

  • Job Type: Part-time, staff
  • Hours: 5-10 hours/week, not always even work flow depending on deadlines (We are looking to prepare and submit 1-3 proposals per month)
  • Pay range: $35-60/hour, depending on prior experience

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until August 31, 2021

Download the full position description here.

Production Designer (contract)

We have an abundance of visual and written design work and are looking for an accomplished executor of ideas and finisher of projects. We will look to this person both for first drafts—taking mood boards, creative briefs, existing styles, or brand guidelines into an initial layout—and for finalizing products through an iterative feedback process that includes refining, standardizing, and editing fine details. We work in a variety of applications depending on client needs; InDesign, xd, Illustrator, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Mural and the Google suite. This team member will enjoy using their graphic design skills, attending to detail, and concluding work on what are often tight client timelines.

  • Job Type: Part-time, contractor on retainer
  • Hours: 10-20 hours/week. Hours will fluctuate based on client project needs, with a guaranteed minimum 40 hours/month.
  • Work does not need to be done during the U.S. work day (8-5, M-F) , but often has to turn around on a 24 hour timeline.
  • Pay range: $45-$85/hour depending on location and experience.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until August 31, 2021

Download the full position description here.

Promotion and Communications Associate (part-time)

We are in need of a broadcaster. We have content and ideas piling up and know that if we are to influence and shift our industry toward more people-centered, decolonial, and anti-racist practices that speaking up and modeling are important. This means moving content out into the world, which is why we need you!

  • Job Type: Part-time, staff
  • Hours: 5-10 hours/week
  • Pay range: $22-30/hour

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until August 31, 2021

Download the full position description here.

Collaborate with us

We regularly collaborate with artists and other consultants on a project-by-project basis, crafting teams for the work at hand. We love making new connections and knowing other talented individuals who share some of our same passion for shifting the international development industry toward less colonial and more people-centered practices and for uplifting beauty, relationships, and joy in our work.

There are two areas in which we keep active lists of potential collaborators.


We place a high value on beauty within our company, Picture Impact. Visual communication is a core component of our brand and core to the utility of our work. We are seeking designers, artists and various visual thinkers/makers interested in curating/creating visuals for writing and design in collaboration with us. Find out more and apply here.

Consulting Roster

We work on a wide variety of projects combining the transdisciplinary expertises of design, evaluation and strategy. Client projects often need more team members with these same expertises to execute on the work and/or they need specific technical assistance for consulting deeply on subject matter.

If you identify as a woman, part of the global Majority (non-western, global South, etc.), Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color, or with other axes of oppression, we are particularly interested in bringing your perspective into our work.

If you think you are a match, please feel free to send your 2-page resume, portfolio or other representation of yourself that would help us know how best to engage you in the future. Please send to with subject lines “consulting roster”.

Here are some of the characteristics in collaborators we are frequently looking for:

  • Facilitator—Synthesis, data validation and meaning-making workshops, group co-design sessions, write shops, trainings and adult learning
  • Qualitative researcher—open-ended and semi-structured interviews, focus groups, immersive observation, snowball sampling, exploratory landscape analysis, action research, design research or ethnography are other names for this set of skills
  • Evaluator—participatory and gamed data collection protocols, grounded theory qualitative analysis, results communication and writing (learning briefs, preliminary findings, final reporting)
  • Visual researcher—searching for examples, ideas, reference images and inspiration. You enjoy the game of the hunt for just the right image.
  • Art Director / Graphic Designer—design for cognition, image-supported layouts for lower literacy and multilingual contexts, countering bias in design, health communications, and accessibility design / universal design are skills/perspectives you bring to your graphic design and creative direction.