fhi360, Alive & Thrive Nigeria formative research on IYCF practice

Client: Alive & Thrive | fhi360
Location: Nigeria

The challenge

Alive & Thrive was expanding their known model to a Nigerian context and sought formative research to inform the adaptation of their unique approach. Specifically, they needed to better understand the emotional drivers and influencers of optimal infant and young child feeding (IYCF).

What we did

Picture Impact teamed with another social impact firm, Reboot, for 4 weeks of on-the-ground data collection in three distinct regions of Nigeria. We used an exploratory, qualitative approach including one-on-one interviewing, interactive observation, triad interviews and critical case interviews with cases of positive deviance in communities. Interwoven in these methods we used pictorial elements as a basis to deepen conversation.

The results

After daily synthesis with our team of researchers and three rounds of participatory meaning-making findings took shape into a slide deck, short research brief, and a well-used insights report. The research yielded three different “feeder” personas were compiled, an environmental analysis relevant to the desired behavior change, program design recommendations, as well as opportunities for public-private initiatives.