East Africa Producer’s Innovation Project (EAPIP) Evaluation

Client: Cafedirect Producers Foundation
Location: Uganda & Kenya

The challenge

Cafedirect Producers Foundation brought together 13 producer organizations in the region (across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda) to create Centers of Excellence to spread their collective rich expertise throughout membership. With a peer-to-peer learning model, they needed to know more about what was and wasn’t working as they continue to develop the Centers.

What we did

By using desk review, literature review, interviews, site visits, and observation Picture Impact set about answering real-time questions to inform future decisions. How does innovation spread from one farmer to another, from one producer organization to another? What will people pay for? Can this become self-sustaining? Who is being reached? By what method(s)?

The result

A clear articulation of the model and confirmation that farmers are eager to share and learn from each other, are inspired by each other’s success and are excited to see new practices in action is great news to involved funders. Coupled with case studies of tangible results and the Centers are poised for growth.