Developmental Evaluation: Organizational Change Journey

Client: UNICEF
Location: Malawi

The challenge

The country office of UNICEF Malawi, through a human-centered design process, had taken on an organizational change project. Their proposal to become more child-centered in its operation, cutting across silos and increasing coordination posed challenges to existing practices. The office was given a special time period for experimentation, in which they could step outside of existing policies and try new things.

What we did

Picture Impact stepped into the office’s change team, in the role of developmental evaluator. Our job was to integrate with the project and use the power of evaluative thinking, questioning, data collection, and analysis on behalf of helping the change journey succeed. The focus of the developmental evaluation was on developing “structurally facilitated integration” within the country office.

The results

Picture Impact—through data collection, analysis, group facilitations, and participation—documented a baseline snapshot of the change process, created a draft theory of change, supported office communication about the changes via illustration, brought data-based risks/challenges to the attention of the change leadership, and completed a full developmental evaluation design.

Theory of Change