Feed the Future Livelihood Planning Process


Client: Catholic Relief Services
Location: Nigeria

The challenge

Households and home visiting volunteers needed to make a customized livelihoods plan for diversifying the household’ income, but with no or low literacy and only a blank notebook this proved daunting.

What we did

Picture Impact assessed the capacities and needs of the users, directed artwork, field tested layouts and ultimately created a planning journal that delivers a livelihood planning curriculum to be owned and used by each household—lightly facilitated by home visiting community volunteers.

The results

Some notable features:The larger vision of what having an increased livelihood could mean for a family formed the premise for engagement. The family was asked to imagine new livelihoods in the context of their entire household, as a cohesive and integrated unit with shared goals and existing assets. Planning was made step by step and trackable, and all linked to a goal.


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Testing and Training (Nigeria)