Global Resilience Partnership Program Evaluation

Client: Producer’s Direct
Location: Uganda & Kenya

The challenge

In today’s digital and climate changing world how do you support smallholder farmers to grow and thrive, particularly involving youth? The Global Resilience Partnership Program aimed to do exactly this and had questions about their overall Theory of Change.

What we did

Picture Impact collaborated with on-the-ground staff and partner facilitators for data collection and participatory synthesis—that included youth as primary contributors. With an emphasis on learning, data collected beyond desk review was a rich exploration of interconnecting concepts addressed through the program; resilience, youth in agriculture, barriers and opportunities for women in agriculture, and the use of digital tools to support smallholders.

The results

The key insight we harvested articulates opportunity for a new narrative and mindset shift that encourages empowered young, educated people to return to their communities and take up innovative and profitable farming practices, demonstrating to the older generations that with the proper tools agriculture can provide a good life. GRPP is contributing to this in many ways and this insight positions Producer’s Direct well for future funding and support prioritization decision-making.