IGNITE Gender and Nutrition Training Compendium, Tanager, Subsaharan Africa

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Client: Tanager International
Location: Subsaharan Africa

The challenge

IGNITE provides Technical Assistance (TA) to agribusinesses across Africa supporting meaningful integration of gender and nutrition within agriculture and organizational practice. TA coaches were frequently asked to cover basics of gender and nutrition and wanted a set of go-to training resources to establish a base of shared language and ideas with new clients so that coaching could be targeted, in-depth and contextual. The IGNITE team requested a gender and nutrition in agriculture training compendium to serve this purpose.

What we did

Picture Impact reviewed existing client material to identify content strengths and gaps and worked with the Tanager team to identify learning objectives. Picture Impact structured the learning objectives across 19 modules and developed the content, using a combination of team review and additional desk review to fill in and contextualize the core ideas. The content is delivered through instructional materials that include learner quick reference handouts, scripted facilitator guidance, and fully designed slide decks. Additionally, Picture Impact developed supplementary guidance on converting training compendiums into asynchronous self-paced learning media through easy to implement pre-recorded video, creating two model sessions on introductory topics in gender and nutrition.

The results

Prior to this project—Tanager was spending significant resources on paying consultants to continually create the same materials again and again. We streamlined and resolved a reoccurring challenge for Tanager by standardizing a core set of training materials to support IGNITE’s goal of providing quality technical information on integrating gender and nutrition into African agribusiness practices. Furthermore, we increased Tanager’s programmatic efficiency by eliminating the duplication of learning materials and allowing consultants to immediately enter their work with the tools they needed to be successful.

Find out more about the project on Tanager’s project page here.

This image lists the titles of all modules in the training compendium on different colored backgrounds. They are placed like a grid.


  • Tips for using the compendium
  • List of modules
  • 19 modules
  • Video guidance (short video and document)
  • 2 videos 
  • Guidance on development of videos
  • Images and graphics used in the decks
  • Updated master slides

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