Nurturing Opportunities for Women (NOW)

Client: OneVillage Partners
Location: Sierra Leone

A women’s self-determination program sought a curriculum using financial literacy to address gender dynamics, household stability and women’s entrepreneurship—specifically for remote, rural women with little literacy who are often marginalized and isolated.

Founder Katrina Mitchell guided the curriculum content, sequencing, and facilitation. Picture Impact joined to create accompanying picture-based material to support implementation of curriculum—guiding artwork, generating creative layouts for complex planning, lifting up gender issues and collaborating tightly with field staff during prototyping and drafting.

The pictorial tools support goal setting and planning as a central feature and skill. Beautiful illustrations are based on images of these communities, with special emphasis on ensuring the women could see themselves and their lives in the program materials. All is designed to be used in a group setting—reinforcing social learning, support and cohesion—to ultimately impact slow and sustainable gender equity culture shifts across the community.