Who we are.

We are joyful yet pragmatic idealists, grounded in reality and energized by change.

We bring with us not only the tools and methods of design and evaluation, but also the legacy of participatory development and our attentiveness to social structures, power, relationship, possibility and capacity.

Collaborators, thinking friends, and co-conspirators.

With an interdisciplinary team and wide-ranging intellectual appetites, clients benefit from the best of multiple fields applied in cross-cutting ways.

Women owned. Deeply rooted.

We are a women-owned small business, founded by bold leaders committed to creating lasting change.

Picture Impact began in 2014 to honor a shared mentor’s trailblazing work in the early years of microfinance. Dr. Helzi Noponen was a kind teacher, rigorous thinker, passionate advocate and talented maker who worked with people, mostly rural women experiencing extreme poverty, creating tools that amplified their voices and honored their innate capacities to envision, plan, and take action in their own lives. We carry this work forward on a practical basis through our focus on designing for low literacy users, and on a foundational level through our feminist perspective, radical orientation toward users and utility, focus on reflective practices for learning, and our work supporting social and behavioral change.

We look forward to thinking with you. Work with us.